Burlington, Iowa elementary school class photo restoration project.

I apologize in advance for any mistakes in names or if I couldn't identify the student. I will continually make corrections. Email me with correct information or more pictures to: rex@beetner.com Mistakes can always be blamed on Susan Harper Wolford as everything is always her fault! Blaming her is fun to do.

Special thanks goes to the following people & their mothers: Kathyl Gordy Jogerst, Sunnyside School, Connie Cline Smith, Ron Nelson, Steve Sell, Regina Smith Mullins, Barbara Summers Mackey, Karen Proctor Fletcher, Jackie Tyrrel Onnen, Terry Collins, Marcia Swan Glassgow, John Williams, Karen Proctor Fletcher, Carol McBride Stanton, Sue Foley Mulch, Mike Richards, Karen Johnson Johnson, Jackie Tyrrel Onnen, Barb Andersen, Richard & Gail Savage, Jack Broeg, Sally Carter Brozene, Beth Kindig Carstensen, Les Baldwin, Loren Gerling, Connie Clark-Yeutsy, Nancy Butherus Beetner, Michael Beetner, Vicky Beetner MacTaggart, Deb Olson@Apple Trees Museum, Sunnyside School and eBay

Sherman School

Lincoln School - new pics

Prospect School

Sunnyside School

North Hill School - new pics

Saunderson School

Middletown School - new pics

Grimes School

Flint Hills School

Central Avenue School

Corse School

James Madison Jr. High

Black Hawk School

Perkins School

Oak Street Kindergarten

Buena Vista School

Salter School

Washington School

Schools from other years

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Unfinished Work